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Home automation is a field full of ideas which are bringing about a revolution in the way to manage a house.

You may not be an expert of home automation. Perhaps you are wondering: “It must be complex, there must be so many problems”…

The time has come to change point of view: with the SIANTEL systems you can control your home from your cellular phone. Simply, concretely, safely.
Safety starts from installation: this is why you should always get in touch with certified and specialized professionals.
A sensor does not only detect an intruder, but can also switch on the lights as you move around.

You can set it in such a way that, when you close the door and leave, the blinds close automatically, the lights switch off and the air-conditioning system shifts to the least energy consuming mode.

It is a dynamic and flexible system which grants you comfort and safety, and it makes you save money in many other ways, for instance limiting the use of metal bars and reinforced doors, and it also guarantees a noticeable reduction of your house multi-risk insurance premium.

To start, you need a system proposed by SIANTEL, a cellular phone and some sensors.
SIANTEL installs systems for your home management and safety, ready to be used in your house without any problems.

It all starts with a quick installation, without any problems: you just need to apply the sensors to the doors, windows, boiler… and you will be able to control your house when you are at work, on holiday, anywhere, with a telephone call or an SMS.
In short: try the SIANTEL “technology” at home, relax and get ready to discover what your house can do, then it will take care of everything!


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