The devices we offer you are produced in compliance with the EC machine directive by leading companies in the sector with IMQ and/or Cenelec certifications.All our suppliers have been present on the international markets (thus ensuring that spare parts can be found) for years, and have obtained the ISO-9001 and/or UL/FM.p.2 and 4 certifications.

SIANTEL ensures the functioning of the equipment provided and guarantees that for the insurance period following the delivery of the system, repairs or replacements free of charge will be carried out, in the shortest time possible, if any piece of equipment is found to be faulty.

Anti-theft system for companies and private individuals

The central station continuously checks all the information coming from the sensors, processes the acquired data in real time, sends useful messages for a quick response.

The system has been designed in order to be adjusted to be used in each environment, wherever “total certainties” are required.


In addition to traditional systems, for houses and offices where it is not possible to use wires, SIANTEL proposed radiofrequency (wireless) systems, controlled by versatile and reliable stations.


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